WAG 19-07-05: Changes Reported at REDE by Mid-Point Reporting Unit

PM 19-07-05

revised manual textUse the income reported with Form IL 444-1893 to prospectively determine eligibility and benefit amount for the new 12-month period, unless the client reports a change. If a change is reported and proof is not available, use the client's statement of what the earnings will be. The estimate may be based on the person's statement such as, but not limited to, rate of pay, hours of work, and number of expected paychecks. Document the method used to project the future income. revised manual text

The income reported with revised manual textForm 1893 is the income from the last 30 days. If the pay verification used to determine the budget for the new revised manual text12-month period is not from the last 30 days, document what verification was used to figure best estimate and why.

new manual textNote: Mid-Point Reporting households must report when they receive a substantial lottery or gambling winning as a cash prize of New Manual Material$4,250 or more won in a single game:  

  • at REDE;
  • Mid-Point Report; and
  • by the 10th calendar day of the month after the month that the income or winnings are received during the certification period. A Mid-Point Reporting household cannot wait until the Mid-Point Report or REDE to report the receipt of substantial lottery or gambling winnings. See PM 07-04-21.