PM 19-07-05: Changes Reported at the REDE

WAG 19-07-05

For changes reported at the REDE, make the change starting with the first month of the new 12-month approval period, except for reported additions to the unit. The income reported at the REDE is used to prospectively determine eligibility and benefit amount for the new 12-month period, unless the client anticipates a change. If a change is anticipated use Best Estimate based on the client's statement. 

new manual textSee PM 07-04-21 for substantial lottery or gambling winnings reported at REDE. A Mid-Point Reporting household must report when they receive a substantial lottery or gambling winning as a cash prize of New Manual Material$3,750 or more won in a single game

  • at REDE;
  • Mid-Point Report; and
  • by the 10th calendar day of the month after the month that the income or winnings are received during the certification period. A Mid-Point Reporting household cannot wait until the Mid-Point Report or REDE to report the receipt of substantial lottery or gambling winnings.