PM 19-07-04-b: REDE Not Returned or Returned Late by MPR Unit

WAG 19-07-04-b

  • revised manual textFor SNAP, if a REDE application is not returned by the Mid-Point Reporting unit, allow the approval period to expire. For TANF, the case is ineligible for cash.
  • revised manual textFor late TANF Mid-Point Reporting REDE cases see PM 19-04-02-b/WAG 19-04-02-b.
  • revised textFor SNAP, process a REDE application if it is returned during the fiscal month after the end of the approval period. Prorate benefits from the date the application is received.
  • revised manual textIf the REDE application is received later than the fiscal month after the end of the current approval period, process as an initial application. The unit must have a face-to-face interview and complete the appropriate application.
  • revised manual textWhen an REDE application that was denied due to a missed interview or missing verification cooperates during the month after the end of the approval period, reopen the application from the date of cooperation. See PM 19-03-08.