WAG 19-07-02: Converting Active Cases to Mid-Point Reporting Status

PM 19-07-02

IES enrolls the following cases in Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) status for the first regular roll month of approval:

  • TANF households (with or without SNAP) and the case has earned income; and 
  • revised manual textA case in any program category with SNAP benefits, except for cases whose SNAP household members meet the following criteria are in Change Reporting:
    • TANF households with SNAP and the case does not have earned income; and
    • SNAP cases where all the adults in the SNAP household are qualifying members and there is no earned income to budget on the case; or.
    • SNAP households with members subject to the SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits policy whose place of residence is in a waived area.

Note: Effective 07/01/2022, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) waiver approval allows the entire State to continue to be exempt from the SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits policy through revised manual text10/31/2024 based on Illinois' high unemployment rate. The SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits policy is NOT in effect for any county in the State. For more information about the State's operation under COVID-19 see WAG 25-06-07-p. 

Note: For each SNAP case approved the Redetermination Fact Sheet (Form IL444-4769) is centrally sent. The form includes the household's Gross Income Standard.

Active Cases

  • (FCRC) For active cases that report earnings, update IES and certify the results. IES enrolls the case into Mid-Point Reporting and centrally sends Form 4769, Redetermination Fact Sheet. Form 4769 describes the Mid-Point Reporting process and includes the SNAP household's Gross Income Standard for SNAP reporting purposes.
  • (System) Sends Employment Checklist (Form 3430) to all TANF cases.