PM 19-07-02: Converting Active Case to Mid-Point Reporting

WAG 19-07-02

  • An active case meeting the Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) is converted to Mid-Point Reporting status (see PM 19-07-01) when earned income is budgeted for the first regular month.
  • During the approval period, a SNAP unit in Mid-Point Reporting status is required to:
  • report when their gross monthly income exceeds the Gross Income Standard for the unit size by the 10th calendar day of the month after the month that the income is received; and
  • complete the interim SNAP and TANF Mid-Point Report (Form 2890) when the form is received. Must report any changes in circumstances related to the questions asked on interim SNAP and TANF Mid-Point Report (Form 2890).
  • new manual textreport when a substantial lottery or gambling winning is won as a cash prize of $3,500 or more in a single game:
      • at REDE; and
      • Mid-Point Report; and
      • by the 10th calendar day of the month after the month that the income or winnings are received during the certification period.
    • Note: A Mid-Point-Reporting household cannot wait until the Mid-Point Report or REDE to report the receipt of substantial lottery or gambling winnings. See PM 07-04-21.