WAG 19-06-00: Priority Action List

PM 19-06-00.

  1. (System) Produces the Priority Action List (PAL) monthly. The PAL is described in the PAL Description Booklet that is updated and distributed by the Division of Human Capital Development.

    The PAL is separated into 3 sections: 

    • Any case that meets criteria for a potential error.
    • text deletedAABD Cash, AABD Medical, and All Kids cases due for REDE.
    • Cases in suspension that will require a REDE or criteria code follow-up when the suspension is lifted.
  2. (FCRC) Contact the revised textBureau of Performance Management with questions about the PAL selection criteria, appearance, and removal of codes.
  3. (FCRC) Contact the Bureau of Policy Development with questions concerning the casework action required to clear a PAL code.