PM 19-06-00: Priority Action List

WAG 19-06-00

The Priority Action List (PAL) is a report provided monthly to Family Community Resource Center. It identifies cases which have an error, have a high probability of error, or are due for a REDE. Family Community Resource Center managers determine the priority order for reviewing the cases that appear on the PAL.

new textUnder IES Phase 2, most PAL codes are replaced by batch actions in IES. Through batch actions triggers, IES automatically reruns eligibility, processes and certifies changes, or generates tasks in the Changes/Misc EDM queue. See PM 19-08-00 for information about batch action in IES.

Only PAL codes C and S are in IES. The following chart shows how PAL codes are handled after IES Phase 2 implementation.

new textPAL Codes in IES

PAL Code  Description IES Batch Action
A Case has a child turning 19 in TANF or medical EDG Reruns eligibility
  • TANF - removes 19 year old from the TANF EDG, may close TANF EDG if last child.
  • Medical - removes from All Kids. Determines eligibility under ACA Adult or other medical EDG, or cancels.
B Case has a child turning 18 and is not a full time student Reruns eligibility
  • TANF - removes 18 year old from the TANF EDG if not a full time student, may close TANF EDG if last child.
  • Medical - moves parents/caretaker relatives from FamilyCare to ACA Adult if last child.
C Income that is not being budgeted

Creates an 'IDES Wage Mismatch' task in the Changes/Misc EDM queue.

All programs - Reports wage discrepancy data from Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) file quarterly in an Il-18100502-QTL Priority Action List report in IES.

E Client's TANF 60 month clock is getting close to 60.

Reruns eligibility

TANF - closes the TANF EDG.

F SNAP coding discrepancies Obsolete, not included because data is stored by individual in IES and affects all EDGs in which the individual is included.
N Overdue New Hire report Obsolete; however, IES will create a task 'IDES New Hire Match' and produce a weekly report, IL-5040322-WLY-State New Hire No EI Budgeted and client notice
P Pregnant woman's 60 day post partum period is going to end

Reruns eligibility

Medical - closes pregnant woman EDG, determines eligibility for other medical EDG, or cancels.

S Missing social security number IES report (IL-DE-106-MLY- List of Individuals Benefit with SSN Not Entered) is created monthly for a worker to review and make necessary case changes. No task created.
U Unreported unemployment income IDES file updates IES with new or updated unemployment insurance income.
X CAU Disability Determination Review Creates 'CAU Disability Determination' task in the Changes/Misc EDM queue  when a client is due for a review of their CAU determination.
  • AABD medical - for disability determination
  • TANF - for W&T exemption, Medical Barrier)