WAG 19-04-02-a: Agreement to Cooperate

PM 19-04-02-a

revised textIf the client agreed to cooperate by the end of the fiscal month of cancellation but cooperation cannot actually be completed until after the period has expired, provide the client with Instructions to Recipient (Form 1721) scheduling an appointment or requesting what is needed.

When the client actually cooperates, restore assistance without a new application. 

For cash, restore assistance with no loss in benefits if the initial agreement to cooperate was done within 10 workdays of the reduction or cancellation. 

new textIf the agreement to cooperate for cash was done after 10 workdays but prior to the end of the fiscal month, prorate benefits from the date the client stated they were willing to cooperate. Budget any non-exempt income as if no break in benefits occurred.

 revised textFor SNAP, prorate from the date of cooperation when restoring benefits cancelled due to failure to cooperate. 

For medical, restore assistance with no loss in coverage when the client actually cooperates. 

If the client fails to cooperate with the requirements outlined on the Form 1721, the client is no longer eligible to have assistance restored.  A new application is needed.