WAG 19-04-00: Restoring Assistance

PM 19-04-00

Assistance can be restored by the following actions:

  • TA 12 and any approval TAR when a client reapplies for assistance;
  • TA 12/TAR 98 (TA 12/TAR 92 on a case in sanction status) when:
    • revised text case was cancelled for failure to cooperate and the client cooperates by the end of the fiscal month cash or SNAP benefits would have been received or,
    • for medical, the client who failed to cooperate during the REDE process cooperates and submits all required verifications by the end of the month following the last day of coverage, or
    • a client files an appeal by the "Date of Change" or within 10 days of the Date of Notice, whichever is later, unless the client requests benefits not be restored, or
    • benefits were cancelled or reduced in error;
  • delete text
  • TA 31 and appropriate TAR change action that restores benefits that were reduced;
  • TA 31/TAR 34 to remove a case from zero grant status 2; or
  • Swap from Medical to Cash when cash assistance was discontinued.

TA 12/TAR 98 can be processed through IPACS and the Automated Case Management (ACM) System.

When TA 12/TAR 98 is used, all prior information from the original cancelled case is recalled, including SNAP.

A TANF REDE and/or a SNAP REDE with no change may be reported at the same time a TA 12/TAR 98 is processed.

TA 12/TAR 98 cannot be used for a TANF case that contains an Item 80 sanction code with reason 92. Use TA 12/TAR 92 through IPACS to restore assistance to the case without a 30-day wait. Change the Item 80 sanction code reason or delete the sanction code (see WAG 03-13-05, WAG 03-22-04 or WAG 24-04-05). Reenter the rest of the case information on Form 552, even if the information hasn't changed. TA 12/TAR 92 cannot be processed in ACM.