WAG 19-03-07: Untimely SNAP REDE Application

PM 19-03-07

When a REDE application is filed after the end of the SNAP approval period:

  1. Register the application effective for the date the application was received in the local office.
  2. Issue Form 1721 if the unit does not have all required verifications at the interview. Allow the unit 10 calendar days to provide missing verification.
  3. If the unit does not provide the required proof within the time allowed, deny the application.
  4. Determine eligibility and benefit amount.
    1. If eligible, prorate benefits from the date of application.
    2. If ineligible for the fiscal month of application but eligible for the following month do not require a new application.  Authorize a full month's benefits for the following fiscal month. The following fiscal month is the first month of the approval period.

NOTE: If the missing verification is for an expense, approve the application using $0 for the unverified expense.

If an applicant fails to appear for the scheduled SNAP REDE interview, deny the application.

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