WAG 19-03-06-b: Interviews

PM 19-03-06-b.

When the SNAP household files a SNAP REDE application before the end of the current SNAP benefits approval period, schedule an interview with the household. For Mid-Point Reporting household, see WAG 19-07-04.

  • At the SNAP REDE interview, give the client Reporting Changes - SNAP (Form 2777).
  • If a person in the SNAP household wants to do volunteer community work, issue the applicable form, SNAP Work Requirement (SNAP E&T Counties) Community Work Information (Form 3673), or SNAP Work Requirement (Non-SNAP E&T Counties) Community Work Verification (3675) and explain its use.

  New Manual TextNote: The SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited benefits policy is currently NOT in effect for any county in the State through 10/31/2024.

  • If the household does not appear for the scheduled SNAP REDE interview, deny the application.
  • When a SNAP household requests a waiver of the Face-to-Face interview, record the decision to grant or deny the request in the case file (see WAG 02-06-01-b).