WAG 19-03-05-c: Mid-Point Reporting Households

PM 19-03-05-c

  • revised manual textFor Mid-Point Reporting households, a face-to-face REDE is every 12-months with an interim Mid-Point Report form completed in the 6th month of the certification period. When a REDE is due, Medical, Cash and SNAP Redetermination Application (Form IL444-1893) is system generated out of IES and sent to the customer approximately 60 days prior to the last month of the SNAP certification periodl. When the REDE is processed, IES assigns a 12-month certification period. 
  • revised manual textIn the 5th month of a Mid-Point Reporting household's certification period, the system sends SNAP and TANF Mid-Point Report (Form IL444-2890). A completed Form IL444-2890 is due to the FCRC by the revised manual text2nd day in month 6.  
  • revised manual textFor complete information on the Mid-Point Reportomg process, see WAG 19-07-04.