WAG 25-07-04-b: Active Cases

(IM) To change the case ID number complete 552 as follows:

  • Item 1 - Enter the entire correct case number (category, Family Community Resource Center, group, basic number) at the top of the Item.
  • Item 2 - Enter effective month and year.
  • Item 3 - Enter TA 62. The system creates TA 61, Close Out of Former Case Number, to complete this transaction.
  • Item 4For Category 08, enter 6.
  • Item 30For Cash and Medical cases, reenter the date in Item 30.
  • Item 33For RRA Cash and TANF, enter TAR 90. Entry not required for other categories.

(IM) For all multiple unit FS cases, change the Item 60, Cross-Reference Case Numbers, for all component units. Reenter Item 78, Type of Benefit. This includes the cross-reference case numbers on the component unit's Form 552.

(IM) Route the completed Form 552 to the Financial Unit for transmittal.

(System) If the fiscal month changes, authorizes the correct amount as a gap or overlap when benefits were received the month before the effective month of the change (see WAG 18-06-01-a for Cash, or WAG 18-06-01-b for Food Stamps).

(IM) When changing a Case ID Number, review the case record and complete an ARS clearance (PF/F10) to determine if there is a cash or food stamp overpayment under the old ID number. If the case has an existing overpayment, report the change to the Bureau of Collections (see WAG 23-04-02).

Cases with the Same Case ID Number

  1. (IM) Learn that 2 cases receive benefits under the same Case Number (Item 1 of the HFS 552).
  2. (IM) Send information to the Financial Unit.
    • Both Cases in the Same Family Community Resource Center

      • (Financial Unit) Determines which case was authorized first.
      • (Financial Unit) Corrects the Case Number, following the above procedures, for the case authorized last.
    • Cases in Different Family Community Resource Centers

  • (Financial Unit) Identifies duplicate Case Numbers and immediately contacts the Financial Unit of the Family Community Resource Center having the corresponding case. Determines which case was authorized first.
  • The Financial Unit having the case which was authorized last corrects the Case Number (described above).