PM 19-02-03-a: REDE Due Dates

WAG 19-02-03-a.

IES Phase 2 Process

Upon implementation of the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) phase 2, the process for completing a redetermination is changed.

For more information on Revised Manual Materialthe medical REDE processing, go to PM 19-02-04

New Manual MaterialAn AABD Cash REDE must be completed every 12 months.  If there is SNAP EDG, the due date of the AABD Cash REDE is governed by the SNAP approval period. 

New Manual MaterialA REDE form is generated by IES when a redetermination of benefits is due.  The notice is centrally generated by IES and mailed 60 days prior to the certification end date.  For example, if the last day of the certification period is 11/30/16, the form is mailed 10/01/16.  The AABD Cash REDE is due by the 1st day of the last fiscal month of the approval period.  However, the AABD Cash EDG will not close if the REDE application is marked as received and in case change or REDE mode by close of terminal entry of the last fiscal month of the approval period. 

New Manual MaterialFor a customer's REDE to be processed, the customer must:

  • attend the interview that is scheduled after the redetermination application is filed timely;
  • provide all requested verifications within 10 calendar days of the date requested; and
  • meet all other eligibility factors.

An AABD cash unit loses its right to ongoing benefits if it fails to meet any of the requirements.  Deny an AABD Cash EDG if the AABD Cash unit fails or refuses to cooperate in the REDE process.

New Manual MaterialTimely REDE Application

Consider the application timely when filed by the 15th day of the last fiscal month of the approval period.  If a TANF unit files a timely TANF REDE application, provide benefits for the new approval period with no interruption in benefits.  If the customer submits their REDE packet, but the redetermination is not processed by the caseworker, the EDG will not be cancelled if the date received has been entered in IES.

Any change reported at REDE and processed before the schedule closes will impact the next approval period.  If the REDE was received in IES and changes were submitted but were not processed before cutover, then a mercury will be issued for an underpayment or an overpayment should be issued.  If a customer is owed a mercury or supplement due to the REDE not being processed on time, IES will run eligibility and will issue the mercury or a supplement through a batch process that takes place every evening.

New Manual MaterialInterview

An interview is required for all AABD Cash REDEs. Schedule an interview when a AABD Cash unit files its REDE application.  If the customer fails to contact the caseworker for an appointment, the caseworker should contact the customer.

NOTE: The local office may schedule an interview before the application is filed if the unit has received its Notice of Expiration of Certification.  Do not deny or cancel benefits if the unit fails to appear for an interview that is scheduled before a REDE application is filed.

If the customer does not appear for the scheduled appointment without good cause, close the EDG if the case has been active for 12 months and a REDE has not been completed within 12 months.  The EDG should be closed the next workday following the day of the scheduled interview.

Do not schedule another interview unless requested by the unit.  If the AABD Cash unit requests another interview and appears for the interview by the 30th day following the end of the approval period, reopen the application.

New Manual MaterialReturn of Requested Information

Allow the AABD Cash unit 10 calendar days from the date of the local office request to provide the required verifications.  If the 10th day is not a workday, the due date is the first workday following the 10th calendar day.  If the AABD Cash unit does not provide the required information by the due date, deny the AABD Cash REDE application the first workday after due date.If the AABD Cash unit provides the required information within 30 days of the end of the current approval period, reopen the application.

New Manual Material Completion of the Untimely REDE

In IES Phase 2, when a Cash REDE application is received after the end of the last fiscal month of the certification period, and by the 30th day after the end of the certification period, reopen the application and prorate benefits from the date of application. If the case REDE application is received after the 30th day after the end of the certification period, a new application is needed.

Legacy Process (ACM and IPACS)

The first REDE is due 12 months from the calendar month in which the case is approved.  If a REDE has previously been reported, the next REDE is due 12 months from the date the last one was reported.

The first REDE for Nursing Home (NH), Supportive Living Facility (SLF), and Medical cases applying for or receiving Department on Aging (DoA) services, with a community spouse or dependent family members who live in the community, is due in the month of March, by schedule 09 terminal entry date, following initial approval of assistance. Subsequent REDEs will be due every 12 months in March.