WAG 19-02-01-g: Chicago Board of Education (CBOE) Crossmatch

PM 19-02-01-g.

CBOE data are displayed on individualized "match sheets" which are provided to the FCRC the month before the month of the REDE, if applicable.

  1. The system sends the FCRC one copy of the "match sheet" for each case, if appropriate. If there is more than one child in a case for whom there is a non-match, each child for whom a non-match exists will be included. A child in the case for whom the information matches is not included.

    The system also sends the FCRC a copy of a list that identifies each child included on the match sheets. The list indicates what criteria matched and what criteria did not. The list accompanies the match sheets. 

  2. Use the list as a control.
  3. The system enters code 5 in Item 73 of Form 552 for the child, each month the CBOE verifies a child age 15 years 11 months through 17 years 11 months is currently in school.

    Code 5 is entered in Item 73 of Form 552 when all the following 4 conditions are met: 

    • There is a match with the Board of Education on:
      • student name - full last name and first 3 characters of the first name;
      • student birthdate - MMDDYY;
      • student address;
      • guardian name - full last name and first 3 characters of the first name. The guardian name crossmatch is done for adults in the unit coded 1 or 4 in Item 69 of Form 552.
    • Form 552 Item 68 does not contain code 4, 6, or 8.
    • Item 73 contains a zero or dash.
    • There is no "leave reason" on the crossmatch for the child. A leave reason indicates the child is not presently enrolled in school.
  4. Upon review of the crossmatch lists:
    1. Review the case record against the current Form 552 to determine if the computer (Form 552) information has been updated. Client contact may be necessary to determine the correctness of case records.

      If the case information is correct, advise the client to notify the school to take any necessary action to correct the discrepancies (e.g., school records list a child's birthdate as being 10/15/81 and case record contains the correct birthdate of 10/17/81). 

    2. If the "match sheet" shows a non-match of any of the 4 items or shows the child is no longer enrolled in City of Chicago Public Schools, contact the caretaker relative to determine the status of the child.

      If the caretaker relative states the child is enrolled in a Chicago Public School, advise the client to contact the school and have the discrepancy corrected. Set a 14-day control and follow up with a Form 541 to the school. 

    3. If a 16 or 17 year old has dropped out of school, change Item 73 of Form 552 to the appropriate code.

      If an 18 year old has dropped out of school or will not graduate before reaching age 19, delete the child from the benefit unit or cancel the case, as appropriate.