PM 19-02-01-g: Chicago Board of Education (CBOE) Crossmatch

WAG 19-02-01-g.

A crossmatch of computer information and CBOE records is completed for cases due for REDE. The crossmatch is an additional source of information regarding the "living with" and "school status" factors of eligibility and will always coincide with the 6-month REDE cycle.

All CBOE students, age 5 through 18 in the month selected, are matched against all active Cook County Cash clients on the client database (CDB) by:

  • student name;
  • student birthdate;
  • student address; and
  • guardian name.

The data collected is reflected on a "per case" basis by an information sheet called a match sheet. The FCRC receives match sheets for each case containing the child(ren) in which:

  • any of the 4 criteria fail to match or
  • a leave reason is identified for the student.

Other important information regarding the child is provided on the "match sheet" (i.e., the reason a child left school).