WAG 19-02-00: Special Reviews and Redeterminations (Cash, Medical)

PM 19-02-00.

IES Phase 2 Process

new text Upon implementation of the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) phase 2, the process for completing a redetermination is changed. The REDE process is described in PM 19-02-04.

Legacy Process

Complete Notice of Case Transfer (Form 85) if during the eligibility review the client reports a change in address which results in a transfer between local offices.

Regularly screen TANF cases to assure work and training registration of all nonexempt clients. When a client's status changes, immediately report this change (see PM 03-13-00).

Verify financial management if a client's monthly paid expenses exceed their monthly income. If the explanation indicates verification is needed, request it from the client. Cancel assistance if the client fails to verify financial management.

On a monthly basis, the system sends a Priority Action List (PAL) of cases identified as showing factors that suggest a high probability of ineligibility or overpayment. These include:

  • a case in PE status;

    NOTE: A PE case that appears on the PAL requires a follow-up review. The review is not a redetermination (REDE) of eligibility and is limited to the eligibility factor(s) identified by the PAL code. 

  • a pregnant woman case in which code EDD in Item 60 of Form 552 has not been deleted and the child has not been added.

Do a complete REDE or a follow-up review as needed. See WAG 19-06-00 for an explanation of the PAL.

NOTE: For each TANF/SNAP case, when you complete a REDE or review case eligibility, review the SNAP unit composition. Make sure that a child who is out of the home, but is part of the TANF benefit unit, is included in the SNAP unit.

Conduct a REDE of eligibility every 6 or 12 months as required.