PM 19-02-00: Special Reviews and Redeterminations (Cash, Medical)

WAG 19-02-00.

IES Phase 2 Process

new text Upon implementation of the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) phase 2, the process for completing a redetermination is changed. The Integrated Eligibility System (IES) determines if a case qualifies for automated redetermination based on case characteristics and the results of the automated clearance process as described in PM 19-02-04. Households that do not qualify for auto-REDE must complete a manual REDE using one of the following methods:

  • Electronically through Manage My Case in ABE (only available with the implementation of IES Phase 2);
  • For medical: by phone at 1-800-843-6154 (TTY: 1-866-324-5553);
  • Completing the paper REDE form (for medical REDEs, this includes IL 444-1893 or medical only REDE forms 643M, 643N, 643X); and
  • In person by visiting the office managing the individual's case.

Note: SNAP and cash assistance cannot be REDE'd by phone.

Legacy Process

When an eligibility review is done, depends on the program rules and on any factors that change within the case.

A special case review is conducted within 30 calendar days when information is received showing a possible change in eligibility or benefit amount, or when the client reports a change of address. Special case reviews may be limited to a single eligibility factor.

NOTE: Offer the client the opportunity to register to vote at each face-to-face REDE (see PM 22-12-00).

When completing an eligibility review or redetermination, verify information that is questionable and that affects a client's eligibility or benefit amount (see PM 02-07-04). If it becomes clear that a Cash or SNAP unit's current paid living expenses consistently exceed income and assets, verify financial management.

At time of redetermination, review eligibility for other programs.

New Text Medical cases must be redetermined without requiring information from the customer if verifications are available electronically.