WAG 18-07-02-b: Change a Long Term Care Address Via ACM

  1. Access the ACM Case Management Menu and enter Option 1 (Coding Calculations Changes) in the desired action field.
  2. Enter the case number and press return to select the next screen. The Additional Entry Screen will appear.
    1. Enter the correct code in Box 44.
    2. Enter the new facility address in Address Change field.
    3. Place the new Batch Mail Code in the field named Direct Delivery Code (Box 45) and press return.

      NOTE: Before transferring the case out, see WAG 22-01-04 if the client requests disenrollment rom the Batch Mail System. 

  3. Enter TAR 61 on the Form 552 Actions To Be Taken Screen and press return.
  4. Review the transaction on the 2nd Party Review Screen. If the information is correct, press P/PF7 to process the transaction. If the information is not correct, cancel the transaction and reenter the correct data.

NOTE: This does not change information in the MMIS LTC system, a separate transaction for the MMIS LTC system is required.