PM 18-07-00: Change of Address/Request for Case Transfer

WAG 18-07-00

Change of Address

When a family moves within Illinois change the address. If the address is served by another Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) transfer the case unless the client requests the case not be transferred or for another FCRC to service their case.

NOTE: When the client moves and the new address is located out of state, cancel benefits (see WAG 25-07-05).

Request for Case Transfer

Once an applicant is determined eligible for assistance, he or she has a right to request to have the case transferred to another FCRC for his or her convenience unless they reside in a LTC or SLF facility. That request can be either verbal or in writing. There is no limit to the number of times a customer can request a transfer. Upon receipt of the request, the current office should immediately locate and transfer the case record to the new office.

Within five business days after the request for transfer, the receiving office transfers the case to their payroll, assigns a caseworker, makes appropriate entries in the computer system, and sends a written notice that includes the name of the caseworker and their telephone number. All case transfers must be completed in five days.

An applicant that has an active case in another county, must choose which county will serve them. Clarify with the applicant which office they want to service their case.  Once the Office of Choice is confirmed, the Office of Choice will coordinate all necessary actions including transferring/approving the application and cancelling any active cases as appropriate to ensure no duplicate assistance occurs.

Cases that share the same payee must be in the same office.

New Manual MaterialReported Changes of Address During SNAP Certification Period

When a customer reports a change of address, shelter costs must be reviewed to determine any change to the benefit amount.