PM 18-05-09: All Kids Assist to Share or Premium

WAG 18-05-09 

revised textIn most situations, a person under age 19 remains eligible for Assist or Moms & Babies if the Last Medicaid Determination Date (LMDD) is within 12 months (see PM 18-05-01 regarding continuous eligibility for persons under age 19 under IES Phase 2). If the LMDD is more than 12 months in the past, and the child no longer qualifies for Assist or Moms & Babies determine if the child is eligible for All Kids Share or Premium (Level 1 or 2).

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revised textRefer to Program Requirements for All Kids and Premium in PM 06-08-02.

revised textA new application is not required to change the status of a person from Assist or Moms & Babies to All Kids Share or Premium.

revised textIf the family is eligible for All Kids Share or Premium, use TAR 62 to set up a new case (see WAG 18-05-09). If some family members remain eligible for Assist or Moms & Babies, while other family members do not, delete the ineligible persons from the Moms & Babies or Assist case and set up a separate Share or Premium case as appropriate.