PM 18-05-05: Family Becomes Ineligible for a Financial Reason

WAG 18-05-05

TANF and Family Assist

When a family is no longer eligible for TANF or Family Assist due to earnings or spousal support received by the parent or caretaker relative, the entire family is eligible for revised textMedical Extension (ME) (see PM 18-05-06).

All Other FHP and ACA Adults

Take immediate action to make changes in eligibility for each person age 19 and over for the next ongoing month that can be affected. Cancel medical benefits if their income is over 138% of FPL.

For persons under age 19, if the certification period has not expired, they remain eligible for medical due to continuous eligibility policy (see PM 18-05-01). Deleted TextCancel medical benefits if family income is over 318% of the FPL.