WAG 18-04-15-a: Spenddown Cases

A Spenddown case with FS remains active for FS until the end of its FS approval period. When the FS approval period ends, the system cancels the case.

NOTE: A Spenddown case that does not receive FS is centrally canceled if the spenddown is not met (see PM 15-08-02).

When deciding eligibility for an FS REDE application on a spenddown case that is active until the end of the FS approval period, determine if the client can meet their spenddown.

  • If the client can meet their spenddown (and has not met spenddown for 3 or more months), continue the FS benefits on the Medical case number.
  • If the client cannot meet their spenddown, open an FS only (Category 08) case.