WAG 18-04-11-a: Sufficient Information to Determine Eligibility for SNAP

PM 18-04-11-a.

  1. Open a SNAP only case (Category 08) when a cash or medical case is canceled and the unit remains eligible for SNAP (see WAG 25-08-04).
    1. Complete Item 24 of Form 552. Enter the last month and year of the current approval period.
  2. text deletedWhen a unit member(s) is being removed from a TANF or FHP case, increase or decrease SNAP as appropriate.

    Refer to WAG 18-04-12 when the change in a TANF or FHP unit requires a change in benefit status.

    Example: A child is removed from a TANF case due to receipt of SSI. A new SNAP income calculation is completed and the case remains eligible. The SNAP unit becomes a multiple unit case and the child receiving SSI is coded as an SNAP component member. Code Item 78, Type of Benefit, with a 7 or 8. 

  3. Start a new case record when there is a change in the SNAP payee. The new record must contain:
    • a copy of the most recent application for the current approval period;
    • a copy of the most recent SNAP Calculation Sheet (Form 683B) or AIS/ACM SNAP calculation sheet;
    • a copy of any last notice sent to the unit; and
    • a recording explaining the change action and cross-referencing the other case number.
    1. For a new payee on an SNAP only case, submit an approval action through IPACS following the instructions in WAG 25-08-04.