WAG 18-04-11: Cash Benefits Decrease/Medical Status Changes

PM 18-04-11.

If the Cash or Medical Only Payee is active for SNAP on the regular or Mercury rolls for the month before the effective month of cancellation or PE denial:

  1. Submit Form 552 for regular roll cancellation or PE denial.
  2. Authorize a one-month extension on a blank Form 552:
    • Item 1 -Enter Case ID Number.
    • Item 2 -Enter Effective Date. This must be the same as the effective month of the regular roll cash or medical cancellation.
    • Item 3 -Enter TA 56.
    • Item 4 -Enter 7.
    • Items 5, 6 -Complete.
    • Item 8 -Complete.
    • Items 9, 10 -Enter address if the benefit unit's address changed.
    • Items 22, 23 -Complete.
    • Item 33 -Enter TAR 14 if case received SNAP on regular rolls for month before cancellation or PE denial. Enter TAR 06 if case received FS on Mercury rolls for month before cancellation or PE denial.
    • Item 38 -Enter the same benefit amount as issued the prior month.
    • Item 45 -Enter where applicable (does not apply to Illinois Link).
  3. Submit Form 552 to assure issuance on or about the benefit unit's normal benefit availability date.

Void Cash or Medical and Cancel the Following Month

If cash or medical is voided for one month and canceled for the next, provide ongoing SNAP benefits for the effective month of the void action.

Provide ongoing SNAP benefits by only voiding the check and/or MediPlan card. Do not void the SNAP benefit amount. No separate Mercury approval is required.