PM 18-04-09-c: Changes in Medical Expenses

WAG 18-04-09-c

new textIf the unit reports medical expenses and they are not currently receiving a Standard Medical Deduction, verify expenses exceed $35.  If expenses exceed $35, allow a Standard Medical Deduction or actual medical expenses.

When a unit reports a change in medical expenses, request proof of the change new text if they opt to use actual medical expenses instead of a Standard Medical Deduction. Make the change once it is verified. 

When a change in medical expenses is reported by someone other than a unit member, revised textuse the appropriate Standard Medical Deduction if the outside source provides proof that the medical expense(s) exceed $35. Do not ask the unit to verify the change.

Example 1: Ms. V has a Spenddown case with SNAP benefits. Ms. V does not report the change, but the hospital verifies a $150 emergency room bill. The bill does not meet spenddown. new textItem 80 352 is currently coded with $245 in the amount and an S in the Supplied By column.  Since Ms. V receives the appropriate Standard Medical Deduction no other action is required. deleted text

Example 2: Mr. N has a Spenddown case with SNAP benefits. The Family Community Resource Center receives a call from the hospital indicating that Mr. N was a patient. Mr. N does not report a change. The hospital does not verify the bill. Mr. N is not asked to verify the bill deleted text.