PM 18-04-09-b: Proof of Changes

WAG 18-04-09-b

revised manual textAllow a Change Reporting SNAP household (PM 18-04-00) 10 calendar days after the date the change is reported to provide proof. This includes changes in: income, resources, immigration status, child support payments, or support order. 

If the proof is not provided by the 10th day and the:

  • reported change would result in a decrease of benefits, allow for notice of adverse action. Proof must be provided no later than the next SNAP REDE. Do not assign a new approval period without getting the information;
  • reported change would result in a cancellation, cancel benefits;
  • reported change would result in an increase of benefits, increase benefits based on the date the proof is provided.

If the SNAP household provides the required proof after the 10th calendar day, increase benefits using the date the proof is provided as the report date.

NOTE: If the SNAP household refuses to cooperate in providing proof of changes in income, resources, or immigration status, cancel SNAP benefits.