WAG 18-04-05: Family Community Resource Center Duties Regarding Changes

PM 18-04-05

revised manual textChange Reporting SNAP households

  • SNAP households that do not meet the criteria to be in Mid-Point Reporting (PM 19-07-01) are in Change Reporting status and have different reporting requirements than SNAP household in Mid-Point Reporting.
  • SNAP households in Change Reporting are required to report changes (PM 18-04-00) within 10 calendar days of the date they learn about the change. For income-related changes, consider the date the first payment is received (as a result of the change) as the date the client learned about the change.

revised manual textThe Family Community Resource Center must:

  1. Give each Change Reporting SNAP household, Reporting Changes - SNAP (IL444-2777) when they apply for benefits.
  2. At the time of approval, send the SNAP household a SNAP Change Report (IL444-1978) and a (non-postage paid) return envelope at the time of approval. 
  3. Act on changes reported by phone, in person, or in some other written manner, during the certification period, just like those reported on the SNAP Change Report Form within 10 calendar days of the date a change is reported or discovered, including information from computer generated reports if the information reported on the report is considered clear information PM 18-04-03.
  4. Adjust, if necessary, the number of persons in the SNAP household or the household's benefit amount when changes occur during the certification period.
    1. If a person who is being added to the SNAP household must comply with Work Provisions PM 03-15-01, WAG 03-15-01, PM 03-15-02 and/or the Work Requirement PM 03-25-00, PM 03-25-02, PM 03-25-05, issue SNAP Work Rules (IL444- 5175) and explain the work rules. Be sure to issue all  applicable pages of Form 5175. See WAG 03-15-01 and WAG 03-25-01. Currently, the entire states is exempt from the SNAP Work Requirement through 06/30/2023.
    2. When the SNAP household receives cash benefits from IDHS and the amount changes, make corresponding changes in the SNAP case. A SNAP household is not required to report a change in cash benefits it received from IDHS.
    3. Complete Housing Arrangement - Change of Address Worksheet (IL444-2467) for changes of address and related changes in housing costs. Get the following information:
      • housing costs at the new address;
      • utility expenses at the new address; and
      • changes in who lives together, if any.
      • file IL444-2467 in the ECR.
  5. If the SNAP benefit amount increases, decreases, or remains the same as a result of the reported change, take the following actions:
    • Document the date the change was reported/discovered in Case Comments.
    • Document the reported change in Case Comments.
    • See PM 18-04-07 or PM 18-04-08 for increasing SNAP benefits.
    • See PM 18-04-10 for decreasing or canceling SNAP benefits.
  6. Determine the amount of benefits to be issued by entering the reported change information in IES and rerun eligibility.
    • Rerun eligibility for all reported changes. See WAG 18-04-09
    • IES sends Notice of Decision (IL444-360c) to notify the SNAP household of the effective payment month and the benefit amount if the change results in an increase, decrease or remains the same. See PM 01-06-03.
  7. Provide another SNAP Change Report (IL444-1978) and non-postage paid return envelope to the SNAP household.
  8. File an overpayment against the SNAP household PM 23-02-02, or authorize past month's benefits if:
    • prompt action was not taken by the FCRC on a change, and/or
    • the amount of the SNAP benefits was incorrectly computed.

new manual textChanges Reported at REDE

For changes reported at the REDE, make the change starting with the first month of the new certification period, except for a reported addition of a new member to the SNAP household. See PM 18-04-07.