WAG 18-03-11-d: Other Family Community Resource Center Deletions (TANF, Assist)

Deleting a Unit Member

  1. (FCRC) Take immediate action when the caretaker relative reports that a member of the benefit unit becomes ineligible for benefits.

    NOTE: Notify any Department staff who are involved in the case of the deletion from the benefit unit.

    To delete a person from a TANF case due to receipt of SSI, register an AABD Medical or Assist case (either 91, 92, 93, or 94) for the same person. Determine their eligibility effective for the same month as the TANF deletion action. If income/assets exceed the standard for AABD Medical, enroll the case for spenddown.

    When determining AABD Medical eligibility, copy the application and required verifications from the TANF case and use them in the AABD Medical case record. To register the AABD Medical, Assist, or Moms and Babies application see WAG 02-05-02. See WAG 25-08-02-b for the approval process. 

  2. (System) Sends Form 157, Form 157C, or Form 157NC, to the caretaker relative when the action is submitted for a TANF or RRA Cash case. The correct form indicates the removal of the person from the benefit unit and the reduction or cancellation of benefits, where indicated.

NOTE: If the deletion requires that a change in category is also needed in addition to the procedures in this section, see WAG 18-03-12.

Deleting a Caretaker Relative

When deleting the caretaker relative from the benefit unit with no change of payee and when only FS are authorized for them, line out the caretaker relative being changed and reenter the caretaker relative in Item 60. Complete Form 552:

  • Item 4 -Enter 1.
  • Item 15 -Enter 2 if currently coded 1.
  • Item 23 -Reenter number of eligible FS members.
  • Item 24 -Reenter approval expiration date.
  • Item 60 -Reenter RIN, SSN, and Last Name. Immediately below RIN enter First Name.
  • Item 61 -Reenter.
  • Items 62-65-Enter dashes.
  • Item 66 -Reenter.
  • Items 67-74-Enter dashes.
  • Item 78 -Enter 7 or 8, as required.
  • Item 79 -Enter dashes.
  • Item 80 -Enter any FS codes and amounts that require change or correction.

Complete other items as needed.