PM 18-03-03-a: Required Verifications

WAG 18-03-03-a

new textIf the mother receives medical benefits, the only information needed to add a newborn is the newborn's last name, date of birth, and sex. Babies born in the U.S., on or after July 1, 2006, to mothers covered by HFS medical benefits for the newborn's birth are deemed to have met U.S. citizenship and identity documentation requirements for medical benefits. These newborns are not required to submit further documentation of citizenship and identity.

revised textIf the mother does not receive medical, proof of application for a Social Security card and of income is required before adding the newborn. Also ask for proof of immigration status if the newborn is not a U.S. citizen. If the newborn is a U.S. citizen and citizenship and identity is not yet documented, complete an SSA citizenship inquiry if the newborn has an SSN. If the newborn does not have an SSN, request proof of citizenship and identity. If otherwise eligible, add the newborn while proof of citizenship and identity is pending.

new textNOTE: Verification of "living with" is not needed to add an infant for medical.