WAG 17-05-02-g: Special SNAP Units

PM 17-05-02-g

revised manual text(IES) Assigns a 12-month approval period to all SNAP approvals.

revised manual textSNAP unit has a member who has to meet the Work Requirement:

(IES) After receiving 3 full months of ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits and the requirement is not met:

  • For a single person unit, systematically cancels SNAP. 
  • For a SNAP unit with multiple persons, disqualifies the individual who did not meet the work requirement .

Note: A person working 80 hours or more per month is meeting the SNAP Work Requirement ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits policy. A 12 month approval period is assigned in Change Reporting status. Inform the customer that they must report when their hours fall below 20 hours per week and when the earned income changes by $100 or more.

revised manual textSNAP unit has a member who is temporarily exempt from the Work Requirement

(FCRC) If a customer is temporarily exempt from the work requirement due to a medical condition, set a task as reminder to follow-up with customer prior to date that the exemption is expected to expire.

revised manual textSNAP Units With Frequent Changes

(FCRC) Assign an approval to coincide with the change in circumstances if there is a strong likelihood that the SNAP unit will have frequent or major changes in unearned income or circumstances. This will require an override in IES.