WAG 17-03-04-b: Family Community Resource Center Caused Delay

PM 17-03-04-b.

If, by the 30th day after the date of application, you cannot determine eligibility or issue benefits to the unit due to FCRC delay, pend the application and notify the unit of the delay. If the 30th day falls on a weekend or holiday, pend the application on the last workday before the weekend or holiday.

(Intake) To pend the application and notify the unit, enter the following information on the correct AIS screen, or Form 552 for IPACS:

  • Item 1 -Complete.
  • Item 2-Enter the 30th day following the date of application. For example, if the 30th day is May 29, 1994, enter 05-27-94 (May 29th, 1994, is a Sunday, May 27th is the last workday before the weekend).
  • Item 3-Enter TA 08.
  • Item 4-Enter 7.
  • Items 5 & 6-Complete.
  • Items 8 - 10-Complete.
  • Item 33-Enter TAR 05.
  • Item 39-Enter 00 or 91.

Entry of code 00 centrally sends Form 360C notifying the unit about the delay.

If code 91 is entered, or the action to pend is processed via IPACS, the FCRC must send a locally issued Form 360D and the pending FS Section of Form 360J, on the 30th day to notify the unit of the pend action.

(System) Changes the application date shown on the system to the "pend date" once the pend action is processed.