WAG 17-02-03-a: Computing an Initial Prorated Entitlement (IPE) for GA

The following example shows the steps used when computing an Initial Prorated Entitlement (IPE) as an exception to central prorating using a single authorization action:


(FCRC) Approve Transitional Assistance case (Category 07) in Schedule 08 using TA 12.

  • The first regular roll fiscal month is August (08/16 - 09/16).
  • The application date is 07/01.
  • The case is determined eligible on 08/06. The first day of GA eligibility is 07/31 (30 days after the date of application). Enter 07/31/YY in Item 2 on Form 552.
  • Medical eligibility is backdated to 06/01.
  • Needs items for IPE same as regular monthly needs.
  • The case has no income.
  • Issue a disbursing order for $50 rent.
  • Compute the IPE as follows:
    • Determine the number of days in the prorate period. The first day of the prorate period is 07/31. The last day of the prorate period is the day before the first day of the first regular roll month, 08/15. The prorate period is 16 days.
    • Calculate amount of regular monthly benefit effective August using the Table of Monthly Allowances (see WAG 25-03-05). The Transitional Assistance Payment Level for Group 1 is $100.
    • Calculate IPE for 16 days by dividing the Payment Level by 30 days and multiplying by 16 days ($100 ÷ 30 = $3.33 x 16 = $53.28, dropping cents equals $53.00 IPE).

      $53.00 (16 days)
      50.00 (disbursing order)
      -$ 3.00 total IPE amount 

  • Enter Item 80 code 100 IMPR with $3.00, Total IPE.
  1. (System) Determines regular monthly benefit based on entries in Items 28, 80, and 90.
  2. (System) Determines medical eligibility dates for prorate period to be 06/01 through 08/15 (day before first day of the first regular roll fiscal month).
  3. (System) Authorizes IPE for $3.00 (amount entered by FCRC in Item 80 code 100 IMPR), and medical card dated 06/01 - 08/15 for the prorate period. The IPE appears on the Mercury payroll about 3 days after the process date.
  4. (System) Issues Form 360C showing the availability date and amount of the IPE and the first regular roll benefit.
  5. (System) Places case on regular roll for August.