WAG 17-02-01-b: Applicant Presumed Eligible (TANF)

PM 17-02-01-b

Approval as Presumed Eligible

text revisedDuring the application process, the eligibility worker may issue benefits before all required verifications are obtained. 

  1. Determine if the criteria for approving a case as presumtively eligible are met (see PM 17-02-01-b).
  2. If the criteria for approving the case as presumptively eligible are met, approve the case per PM 17-02-01.
  1. Complete and send the Authorization of Assistance - Presumptive Eligibility (Form 2468) to notify the applicant of the decision to issue benefits on a presumptively eligible basis.

NOTE: For cases where the caretaker relative is an alleged father, see WAG 03-05-01-b.

Review of Ongoing Eligibility

text revisedWhen all eligibility criteria have been verified, no further action is needed.

End cash assistance for ineligible persons when:

  • Requested verifications are not received in 3 months; or
  • DCSS reports the alleged father does not cooperate with establishing paternity; or
  • DCSS reports that paternity is failed.