WAG 25-02-08-b: AABD Medical (A or B) and FHP Schedule

0 Date of application for AABD Medical (A or B) or FHP.
5* Application must be registered by end of day.
9* Form 267 must be issued by end of day.**
45 Federal time limit for disposition expires at end of day.
54 If disposition has not been made, issue Form 2350.
60 If a disposition has not been made by end of day, applicant is entitled, if requested, to Temporary Medical Assistance starting day 61.
61 Temporary Medical Assistance coverage, if approved, always begins.

* Days accompanied by an asterisk are workdays. All other days referred to on this chart are calendar days.

** If additional information is needed, issue a 2nd Form 267 within 4 workdays of the receipt of the information requested on the original Form 267.

Make the disposition within 7 workdays of receipt of all the information needed to make a decision.

If any of the days on which a specific action is required falls on a non-workday, take the action on the next workday.