WAG 25-02-08-a: AABD(D) Medical Schedule

0 Date of application for AABD(D) Medical.
5* Application must be registered by end of day.
9* Form 267 must be issued by end of day.**
59 Review and contact DRU to determine status of disability determination, if needed. If disposition cannot be made, set control to issue Form 2350.
60 Federal time limit for disposition expires at end of day.
69 If disposition has not been made, issue Form 2350.
75 If a disposition has not been made by end of day, applicant is entitled, if requested, to Temporary Medical Assistance starting day 76.
76 Temporary Medical Assistance coverage, if approved, always begins.

* Days accompanied by an asterisk are workdays. All other days referred to on this chart are calendar days.

** If additional information is needed, issue a 2nd Form 267 within 4 workdays of the receipt of the information requested on the original Form 267.

Make the disposition within 7 workdays of receipt of all the information needed to make a decision.

If any of the days on which a specific action is required falls on a non-workday, take the action on the next workday. However, if the 59th day is a non-workday, review the case file on the first workday before the 59th day.