WAG 17-01-03-d: Changing Category from Cash or Medical to SNAP Only

If a Cash/SNAP or Medical/SNAP application is determined ineligible and the SNAP application was already approved with a one or 2-month approval period, take the following actions to restore the SNAP application, and progress to SNAP Only:

Change the category in AIS.

Step 1. In Option 7 of AIS, on the Change I.D. Screen, enter the original AID (or assistance) requested by the client (a cash, medical, SNAP request is entered as C, M, F).

Step 2. Enter the new AID request (F) on the Change I.D. Screen.

Step 3. On the Change I.D. Screen, enter the former case ID number (category, Family Community Resource Center, group, basic) originally registered and the new category and group number for the new category determination. The system assigns the basic number for the new category determination as a TA 02/TAR 07 action.

NOTE: If a previous number exists for the new category, enter it.

Step 4. Enter on the AIS Miscellaneous Entry Screen the denial TAR for the original category determination. Press the return key.

Step 5. TA 62 and the denial TAR are displayed on the AIS Actions to Be Taken Screen. The denial reason message for every TAR entered in Item 33 is printed on the Form 360C when the final disposition is made.

EXAMPLE: Mr. D who applied for Category 93 and Food Stamps was authorized SNAP for 05/04 and 06/04. The application was reregistered pending a CAU determination. Using the reregistered SNAP application Mr. D is authorized SNAP for another 2-month approval period (07/04 and 08/04) pending the CAU determination. On 08/03/04 CAU determines that Mr. D is not disabled, making him ineligible for Category 93.

Restore the 93/SNAP application to pending status using TA 02/TAR 07, and progress the application to SNAP Only (Cat 08). Approve the SNAP Only case and assign a regular approval period.