WAG 17-01-03-c: Changing Category from QMB/SLIB Only to Cash or Medical

  1. (EW) When Form 2378M (QMB/SLIB only) application is pending and the applicant requests cash or medical before a decision on the QMB/SLIB only application is made, ask the applicant to complete a cash/medical application.
  2. (EW) Approve or deny the QMB/SLIB only application.
  3. (EW) If the QMB/SLIB only application is approved, immediately cancel the QMB/SLIB only case. Cancel the case using TA 22/TAR 95, which provides a 3-month extension of QMB/SLIB benefits beginning with the effective month of cancellation.

    NOTE: Do not complete Item 77. Do not send a cancellation notice. 

  4. (EW) Register the cash/medical application.
  5. (EW) Determine eligibility for cash/medical and QMB benefits.
  6. (EW) If the applicant is income ineligible for QMB benefits, determine eligibility for SLIB benefits.