WAG 17-01-03-b: Changing Category from Medical to Cash

(EW) The date of request for Cash is the FamilyCare Assist, All Kids Assist, or AABD Medical application date unless the original application was on Form 2378H, Form 2378KC, Form 2378M, or Form 2378MC. If the medical application was on Form 2378H, Form 2378KC, Form 2378M, or Form 2378MC, have the applicant complete and sign a Cash application. The cash application date is the date the new application is signed and received in the FCRC.

Change the category to Cash in AIS as follows:

  1. In Option 7 of AIS, on the Change I.D. Screen, enter the original AID (or assistance) requested by the client (a medical and food stamp request is entered as M, F).
  2. Enter the new Aid request (C, M or C, M, F) on the Change I.D. Screen.
  3. On the Change I.D. Screen, enter the former case ID number (category, Family Community Resource Center, group, basic) originally registered and the new category and group number for the new category determination. The system assigns the basic number for the new category determination.

    NOTE: If a previous number exists for the new category, enter it in this field. 

  4. Enter on the AIS Miscellaneous Entry Screen the denial TAR for the original category determination. Press the return key.
  5. TA 62 and the denial TAR are displayed on the AIS Actions to Be Taken Screen. The denial reason message for every TAR entered in Item 33, is printed on the Form 360C when the final disposition is made.

When an AABD applicant who has claimed disability requests cash while their medical application is pending, determine the type of cash benefits as follows:

  • If the applicant is age 65 or older or has been found "blind" or "disabled" by SSA, the request for cash is a request for SSP (Category 01, 02, or 03).
  • If the applicant is not age 65 or older or has not been found "blind" or "disabled" by SSA, in the City of Chicago, review the applicant's eligibility for P3 TA. Outside the City of Chicago, deny the request for cash benefits because there is no cash program available.

Cash Request Date When Original Application was on Form 2378H or Form 2378M

Cash Request Made in Same Calendar Month

(EW) If an applicant with a Medical application makes a Cash request in the same calendar month, change the category and register the cash request.

Cash Request Made in a Later Calendar Month

(EW) If a cash request is made in a later calendar month, determine if the MANG medical backdate period can be covered under the cash request.

  • If the cash request will cover the same medical backdate period as requested on the Medical application, change the category, and register and process the cash request.
  • If the Medical application medical backdate period cannot be covered by the later cash request, do not change the category.
  1. If the applicant is eligible, process the Medical application to authorize medical backdating.
  2. SWAP the Medical case to a Cash case using the date of the cash request as the date of the SWAP request (see WAG 18-02-01).
  3. Send the client a locally issued Form 360 to advise of the SWAP to Cash.

NOTE: In this situation only, intake processes the SWAP before sending the case to the field worker.