PM 17-01-01: Time Limits

WAG 17-01-01

It is important to meet the timeframes for processing applications, but do not deny an application just to meet the processing deadline. See PM 17-03-01 for what to do if timeframes are not met.

The number of days allowed to make a decision on an application for benefits depends on the program. If eligible, the first benefits must be available to the client's Illinois Link account by the last day allowed to make the decision. Eligible SNAP applicants must have SNAP benefits available by day 30.

Eligible TANF applicants must have cash available by the 45th day after application. Day 1 of the 45-day period is the day after the date of application.

Program Number of Days to Make Decision
(From Date of Application)
AABD(A) 45
AABD(B) 45
AABD(D) 60
Family Health Plans 45
SNAP benefits 30
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