WAG 16-05-15-a: Protective Payment Check to Client

When a check written to the client by the Family Community Resource Center protective payee or by the Protective Payee Service Unit (PPSU) is reported lost, stolen, or not received, the following is to occur:

  1. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Calls the bank and requests a stop payment on the check.
  2. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Replaces the check, if the stop payment is successful.
  3. (Client) If the stop payment is unsuccessful, completes 4 copies of Stop Payment Request and Recoupment Agreement (Form 98).
  4. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Processes a Mercury Form 552 to reimburse the protective payment checking account.
  5. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Issues a replacement check to the client, from the protective payment account.

    Writes in the lower left hand corner of the replacement check the following words: "replacement for check number (enter the number of the original check)".

    NOTE: See PM 22-02-01 for policy and WAG 22-02-01 for procedures about when and how DHS must replace warrants. This will serve as a guideline for replacement of protective payee checks to the client.