WAG 16-05-11-c: Acting On Protective Payment Checks Not Cashed

When a check written on a protective payee account is not cashed by the client within 60 days, the Family Community Resource Center protective payee or the PPSU must take the following actions.

  1. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Investigates why the check was not cashed.
  2. (FCRC PP/PPSU) If the case is no longer active, orders a stop payment, if client can not be located.

    If the case is active: 

    • contacts the client and asks them to cash the check immediately; and
    • orders a stop payment, if it is not cashed within the next 10 calendar days.
  3. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Adds the amount of the uncashed check back into the client's individual Recipient Ledger and into the protective payee Account Check Register.
  4. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Sends a check for the full amount of the voided (or stopped payment) check to the Cash Management Unit. Makes the check payable to the Illinois Department of Human Services.
  5. (FCRC PP/PPSU) Deducts the amount of the check from the appropriate Recipient Ledger to keep the composite total of the ledger accounts in balance with the check register.