WAG 16-05-06: Family Community Resource Center Action Before Establishing Protective Payee

PM 16-05-06.

Nonpayment of Rent

  1. (IM) Contact the client for immediate counseling when:
    • a client is evicted by court order for nonpayment of rent; or
    • they are notified of impending court ordered eviction, because of nonpayment of rent.
  2. (IM) Decide if there is good reason to place the case in protective payment status.
  3. (IM) Try to find the cause of mismanagement before starting a protective payment plan.

    Example: Mismanagement may be caused by excessive shelter costs, or because ineligible persons in the home may not be contributing their share of shelter costs. 

  4. (IM) Counsel the client and try to arrange a solution that is workable.