WAG 16-05-04: Mismanagement - Substance Abuse (TANF, GA)

PM 16-05-04.

(FCRC) Use the letters PPP in Item 8 of Form 552 when a protective payment plan is set up because a substance abuse situation exists.

NOTE: When there is a reason to suspect a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, notify DCFS (see WAG 01-05-01).

Who Can Serve as Protective Payee

A volunteer protective payee serves as payee and can be:

  • a friend of the caretaker relative; or
  • a relative of the caretaker relative.

NOTE: Do not assign a DHS employee or any agency employee to be protective payee in a substance abuse situation (see PM 16-05-10).

Example 1: Mary J. receives TANF for herself and her 3 children. Her mother, Ida, calls Mary's caseworker and tells him that Mary has been spending the TANF Cash to buy alcohol. Ida claims that she uses her own funds to clothe Mary's children and to help pay the rent, because her daughter never has enough money for these expenses.

In this situation, if Ida is willing, assign her as volunteer protective payee (PPP) for the family.

Example 2: Brenda S. receives GA-FCA for herself and her 2 children. Every month Ms. S. comes to the Family Community Resource Center requesting a temporary MediPlan card. Each time she makes her request, Ms. S. claims she "lost" her MediPlan card. Other clients have reported to the caseworker that Brenda S. uses her GA-FCA check to buy crack cocaine. Brenda's brother, James M., also states that his sister displays a substance abuse problem. Client's brother regularly buys clothes and food for the children, because Ms. S. runs out of money.

In this situation, if James is willing, assign him as volunteer protective payee (PPP) for the case.