WAG 16-05-01: Direct Mail To Protective Payee Clients

PM 16-05-01.

(System) Mails all central notices directly to the caretaker relative of a case in protective payment status. Such mailings include:

  • REDE forms;
  • Notices of Change;
  • report forms;
  • referrals; and
  • client notices.

At the same time, also sends the protective payee a copy of any notices that affect the client's benefit amount; for example, Notices of Change.

Stores the client's name and address in the secondary address field. This field can be found in ACID, screen 4 (History).

NOTE: If the secondary address field is blank, all notices are mailed to the protective payee. The protective payee must then ensure that the client gets the notice(s).

(FCRC) Process changes to the secondary address field by submitting Form 552 through IPACS (see WAG 18-07-02-a). For cases in the Protective Payee Service Unit in Cook County, submit an address change when the client moves. For all other protective payee cases, change the address if the protective payee's address changes.

NOTE: Only Family Community Resource Center staff can add or change the name and/or address in the secondary address field. Staff outside the Family Community Resource Center, such as Child Support, cannot enter or change the secondary address field.