WAG 16-02-00: Temporary Payee (TANF Cash, GA-FCA)

PM 16-02-00.

Cases with an assigned temporary payee show a payee name in Item 8 of HFS 552, followed by the letters TEMP.

(FCRC) When authorizing benefits to a temporary payee, do not change the case identification number.

Determine if the original caretaker relative is to remain in the benefit unit or is to be deleted.

Set a control for ending the plan which approves payment to the temporary payee. Payment to a temporary payee must end within 90 days.

If no permanent caretaker relative can be found within 90 days, refer the temporary payee to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

NOTE: The TANF case needs to be canceled. However, when more time is needed for DCFS follow-up or for court proceedings, request an extension of the 90-day period from the Bureau of Policy and Training.

Complete HFS 552 printout as described in WAG 16-01-01 except for the following items:

  • Item 3 - Enter 31
  • Item 8 - For TANF, enter the name of the temporary payee with the letters TEMP after the name. For GA, enter the notation Temporary Caretaker.
  • Item 9 - Enter the caretaker relative's last name and first initial, separated by a comma, and the address of the temporary payee.
  • Item 33 - Complete.
  • Item 44 - For GA, complete.
  • Item 46 - Line out any entry in this item.

Complete the following for TANF cases only:

  • Item 60 - Enter the temporary payee's name. If the payee has an RIN, enter the number before the SSN (if available) and/or the last name. Enter the first name of the payee immediately below the RIN.
  • Item 61 - Enter the birthdate. If the birthdate is not available, enter 2 dashes for the month and 4 dashes for the year.
  • Item 62 - Enter 25
  • Item 63 - Enter 2 dashes in each column.
  • Item 64 - Enter the correct code in the first position:
    • Persons Born in U.S.

      Enter 2 dashes for a person born in the U.S. who does not receive food stamps, or receives SNAP but has never been disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation conviction. Born in the U.S. includes: 

      • all 50 states;
      • Washington, D.C.;
      • Puerto Rico;
      • U.S. Virgin Islands;
      • Guam;
      • American Samoa; and
      • the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

        If the person has been convicted of an IPV, enter: 

      • 01 - First Disqualification (12 months)
      • 02 - 2nd Disqualification (24 months)
      • 03 - 3rd Disqualification (permanent)
    • Persons Born Outside U.S.

      Enter Code 50 for a person not born in the U.S. who does not receive SNAP or receives SNAP but has never been disqualified for an IPV conviction. This includes a naturalized citizen or child(ren) born in a foreign country to parents who are U.S. citizens. If the person has been convicted of an IPV, enter: 

      • 51 - First Disqualification (12 months)
      • 52 - 2nd Disqualification (24 months)
      • 53 - 3rd Disqualification (permanent)

        Enter 2 dashes in the 2nd position of Item 64. 

  • Item 65 - Enter 2 dashes.
  • Item 66 - Enter the appropriate code:
    • 1 - Male
    • 2 - Female

      If the information is not available enter a dash. 

  • Items 67 - 74 - Enter 2 dashes in each item.
  • Item 78 - If the Temporary payee receives food stamps on this HFS 552, enter Code 7 or 8, as appropriate. If the Temporary payee does not receive SNAP on this HFS 552, enter Code X.