PM 15-08-14: Nursing Home/Supportive Living Facility Cases

WAG 15-08-14

When determining countable monthly income to apply to NH or SLF costs, deduct the following amounts from the customer's total nonexempt monthly income:

  • for a nursing home (NH) case, $30 NH Standard or $90 Veterans Benefit Disregard, whichever is appropriate (see PM 15-04-04-e);
  • for an SLF case, the appropriate SLF Standard (see PM 15-06-02);
  • Community Spouse Maintenance Needs Allowance, deduct from non-SSI income only (see PM 15-04-04-a);
  • Family Maintenance Needs Allowance, deduct from non-SSI income only (see PM 15-04-04-b);
  • Maintenance for Dependent Child(ren) under age 21 who does not reside with the community spouse, deduct from non-SSI income only (see PM 15-04-04-c);
  • for an NH case, Community Home Maintenance Allowance (see PM 15-04-04-d);
  • Deleted text employment expenses and the earned income disregard for employed individuals;
  • SMIB and other health insurance premiums, deductibles, or coinsurance charges;
  • New text court-ordered child support, alimony payments, legal fees; and
  • other allowable medical expenses (bills and receipts) (see PM 15-08-05 through PM 15-08-07).

Deducting the amounts listed above from total nonexempt income determines countable monthly income available to apply to NH or SLF care. If the person has excess nonexempt assets, the excess amount is added to the person's countable monthly income and applied to NH or SLF care.

NOTE: Revised textA receipt for payment of NH and SLF charges at the private pay rate can only be applied to a person's credit or spenddown in the month the payment is made.