PM 15-08-08-d: Use of Receipts

WAG 15-08-08-d.

A receipt can be used to meet spenddown for any month from the month the service or item was provided, through the 6th calendar month following the calendar month that the bill was paid. A community spenddown client who was an LTC or SLF resident, can apply receipts for payment of LTC or SLF charges for 6 months following the month of payment if the receipt(s) was not used to meet spenddown while the client was in the facility.

NOTE: For LTC and SLF clients, a receipt for payment of LTC and SLF charges can only be applied to a client's credit or spenddown in the month the payment is made.

If the receipt is for more than the amount needed to meet spenddown, the remaining amount can be carried over to meet spenddown for a later month(s). A receipt cannot be carried over more than 6 months following the month the payment was made. Any amount remaining after the 6th month following payment, is forfeited.