PM 15-08-02: Enrollment Period

WAG 15-08-02.

Spenddown enrollment periods for AABD Community, LTC, SLP, Family Health (child), Family Health (pregnant), and DOA spenddown EDGs:

AABD Community EDG

The enrollment period for an AABD Community Spenddown EDG is twelve calendar months. AABD Community Spenddown EDGs are automatically reviewed monthly beginning in the seventh month of the enrollment period to determine if spenddown was met in one of the last six months (including the month of review). The AABD Community spenddown EDG will close when zero out of six months have been met; unless the individual is enrolled in the Pay-In Spenddown program, on a waiting list or would be on a waiting list to receive a transplant if he or she had a source of payment. The EDG closure will not occur if at least one out of the six months is met.

The six month timeline counter restarts after spenddown is met for a month.

LTC, SLP, Family Health, and DOA EDGs

There is not a set enrollment period for LTC, SLP, Family Health (child), Family Health (pregnant), and DOA spenddown EDGs. These EDGs remain open and are not automatically closed.