PM 15-08-01: Determining Spenddown

WAG 15-08-01

Revised textIES will determine whether spenddown is met:

  • at initial application; or
  • at batch action (at or around schedule cut-off); or
  • when there is a known change in circumstances that affects the spenddown amount or status of the case; or
  • any month a client requests a spenddown be met.
  • Revised textIES will compare countable monthly income to the Income Standard for the unit size, and for AABD Medical EDG compare nonexempt resources to the resource limit for the unit size. new textSee PM 15-06-01-g to determine the spenddown amount on a Family Health Spenddown EDG that includes a non-responsible relative. The spenddown for each month is the amount of countable monthly income in excess of the standard, plus, for AABD Medical EDG, the amount of nonexempt resources over the resource limit.

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Revised textIES will determine countable monthly income for each month and any backdate month(s), using income information:

  • verified electronically; or
  • at application; or
  • latest REDE; or
  • a change is reported.

Use the verified resource amount determined at application or the most recent REDE.